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"...Now, it’s been another long wait full of promises of new music. But it’s not the same as it was after Loveless. Nothing really could be; m b v is not Loveless, and its very existence fractured the mystique inherent in the idea of a band releasing an album like Loveless and then disappearing into the ether they once so convincingly conjured in their music. It’s not as feverish or dizzying to imagine another new My Bloody Valentine album now, nor do the stakes feel as high as they did during those 22 years. m b v lives on as a strange unicorn of the ’10s and as more stunning My Bloody Valentine music — a worthy enough followup that couldn’t help but fail to repeat the seismic ramifications of Loveless. If there are any pangs this time around, it’s wondering what that future promised in “Wonder 2” could be — wondering if someday MBV will return as 60-somethings and, one more time, show us things we never knew existed."
- Ryan Leas, Stereogum
A1 She Found Now
A2 Only Tomorrow
A3 Who Sees You
A4 Is This And Yes
B1 If I Am
B2 New You
B3 In Another Way
B4 Nothing Is
B5 Wonder 2