MR. WRONG - Create a Place LP

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Create A Place is the second album from Portland, Oregon's MR WRONG. Where the debut, Babes In Boyland documented the then history of the band and the transition from a fearless two piece to a relentless trio, Create A Place definitely gives us the light at the end of the tunnel. Fully realized, the new album pulls from an array of influences, such as late '70s and early 1980s punk and post punk. Think Gang of Four, Neo Boys, The Raincoats, The Rats, Au Pairs, Chin Chin etc. The personnel, MOF (guitar), LEONA (bass) and URSULA (drums), are all self taught musically and the result is a sound that can only be made by the sum of it's parts. Equally melodic as it is hard hitting, Create A Place takes a sharp look at the disturbing and chaotic social and political climates that currently prevail. Themes include the perils of consumerist culture, inefficiency of bureaucracy, and the struggle to exist within a society that does not adequately provide care for it's people. The general theme the album touches on is that amidst feelings of isolation and overstimulation, we choose to opt out, refuse to go with the flow. And the fact that the importance of creating safer spaces where mutual care, decompression and expression can exist, is now more important than ever. Recorded by EVAN MERSKY (Lithics, Mope Grooves). Mastered by AMY DRAGON (Table Sugar, Girlsperm). First pressing limited to 500 copies.