MINISTRY – With Sympathy

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"...Many listeners will never embrace With Sympathy, particularly with Jourgensen’s disparaging comments. They believe that Ministry started with The Land Of Rape And Honey and that the earliest works are best forgotten. And yet, With Sympathy has all the things that make Ministry powerful: anger, deception, confusion and ennui. It’s just more of the sugar and less of the hammer. It’s also ample proof that a great songwriter can work with different canvases; even with the talk of label meddling and pressure the best moments of With Sympathy work because they unmistakably come from Alain – er, Al – Jougensen. You can’t defend With Sympathy as a metal record but try mounting a convincing argument that it’s not a great album."

-  Justin Norton, Decibel

Effigy 3:51
Revenge 3:49
I Wanted To Tell Her 5:27
Work For Love 4:53
Here We Go 3:20
What He Say 4:04
Say You're Sorry 4:22
Should Have Known Better 4:30
She's Got A Cause 3:36