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"This is, by far, one of the most exciting releases in the history of extreme metal music. Filled to the brim with immortal classics, this stands steadily in the Pantheon with other epic outings of bands like Slayer, Morbid Angel etc.

This is essentially industrial metal with a strong American thrash flavour. Some might want to add "groove metal" to the pot, but I feel this term is misleading for this album. This is kind of anti-Yankee Yankee metal, if you get my paradox, and as such, the album and the lyrics are both plays with opposites and contradictions.

The monotony, repetitiveness and minimalism of industrial music only works if the riffs are great and the production stellar, and holy shit, this album contains some of the most lethal riffs written ("Just One Fix" being the obvious top pick). Speed ridden and chunky as chugging rapid sparks, the riffs spew forward like fire tongues from a furnace..."

- Commander Octopus,

N.W.O 5:29
Just One Fix 5:11
TV II 3:04
Hero 4:12
Jesus Built My Hotrod 4:51
Scarecrow 8:21
Psalm 69 5:29
Corrosion 4:55
Grace 3:06