MINDFORCE – Excalibur

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"Poughkeepsie, New York’s Mindforce have garnered much hype in the hardcore end of things over the past few years. Their demo 7” on Cointoss, their split with Dead Heat, and their chaotic live shows have all elevated Mindforce into, well, a formidable force as representatives of modern hardcore. Excalibur, their debut full-length on Triple B Records, will most likely elevate the band to newer heights as the LP is a well-written and imposingly energetic release.

What Mindforce do better than almost anyone is meld together decidedly metal riffs with a heavier hardcore sound. This isn’t in the vein of, say, Power Trip or Red Death either. While I think comparisons are inadequate here, the best (and most obvious) one to make is to early Leeway. Make no mistake, Mindforce do what they do well and have their own sound. But the Leeway comparison is apt in that it gives context to a foundational vibe that Mindforce has. Their guitar leads and even many of the verse riffs have a huge metal influence, even in tone. But their vocals, lyrics, and overall vibe is still unmistakably hardcore."

- punknews.org

Senseless Act
Fangs Of Time
Put You Down
Won't Be Denied
Smother My Foes
Fades Away