MIDDLE CLASS, THE – Out Of Vogue - The Early Material

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"The Middle Class was a short-lived, first wave punk band from Southern California. In their short time together they released a couple of great singles, appeared on a compilation LP, and then later released a not quite as great album before disbanding. Their début EP, Out of Vogue, that was released in 1978 is often credited as being the first American hardcore record and the speed of the songs on it certainly was a blueprint for the style of punk rock that soon followed. The Middle Class never got the recognition they deserved because by the time the bands that became punk/hardcore staples followed and caught on, The Middle Class’ records were already long out of print and very hard to come by used. As the years passed those records only became harder to find and more valuable. It wasn’t until Frontier Records collected all the best material onto an LP were you able to even hear The Middle Class’ music without shelling out big bucks for the original records, or getting someone you knew with them to record it for you."  - punkvinyl.com

Out Of Vogue EP
A1 Out Of Vogue
A2 You Belong
A3 Situations
A4 Insurgence
T & N Sessions
A5 Love Is Just A Tool
A6 Above Suspicion
A7 Archetype
Scavenged Luxury EP
B1 Home Is Where
B2 A Blueprint For Joy
B3 Last Touch
B4 Introductory Rites
Early Demos
B5 Autistic
B6 You Belong
B7 No Applause
B8 What We Do