MERCYFUL FATE – Return Of The Vampire

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"...Demos, demos, demos! Return Of The Vampire is a nice collection of demos that predate the infamous self titled EP. Since the EP is well loved amongst the hardcore fans, these demos are more music in that early, raw format. All of these songs are from sessions in 1981, except for Death Kiss, the demo to A Dangerous Meeting which was done in 1982. Still, these are all early recordings from the beginning of the band. I must point out that while my complete disgust with the current state of Power Metal led me back to my roots, these demos here (as well as the EP) really show how Mercyful Fate influenced early black metal. These demos are, for lack of a better term, RAW AS FUCK. Guitars, bass, and drums are all live. Vocals and solos are overdubbed, but very minimally. You can really only tell on the vocals and at most there's a few vocal tracks in choruses. This is a far cry from Jari Maenpap unnecessarily ejaculating all over his console in Studio Sauna and having five million vocal tracks be birthed. Anyways, this type of extremely raw and abrasive production mixed with the occult themes and lyrics provide a truly authentic horror type of vibe."

- Ben,

Burning The Cross 8:49
Curse Of The Pharaos 4:28
Return Of The Vampire 4:51
On A Night Of Full Moon 6:40
A Corpse Without Soul 8:12
Death Kiss 5:53
Leave My Soul Alone 3:21
M.D.A. 4:21
You Asked For It 4:13