MAX NORDILE - Building A Better Void LP

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Max Nordile (Preening, Violence Creeps, Uzi Rash, et al.) tosses Gilgongo 30 minutes of trudging, free-form sprawl that draws unassuming and collateral reference points (in the label’s mind) to a highly regarded catalog of outsiders that spans decades (Jandek, Little Howlin’ Wolf, Nihilist Spasm Band). It’s an honor to challenge any listener, with Building a Better Void.


“Max Nordile has a patented collage method. In this day, I almost hate to say it’s perhaps a distinctly American sound, like squawks from the rubber room. Although, this is sharply not a conversation between "Mattie" and "Hattie" concerning the "Wooly Bully" and the desirability of developing dancing skills (with no attempt made to synthesize these divergent topics). What you’re listening to is a tangled mass, a phone call from a scribbled area code, herking and jerking its way off the map. It’s catchy, it’s bent.


After it said so much to me, I returned to the record, and then again and again. “Thanks so much,” I said to it, like it is said in the divine hand of “Diligent Pores.” And once more I’m gripped into powerful clang at the intersection of joy, mystery & abrasion.


It is mercurial; an icy slip wherein the listener is absolutely unable to get the balance or footing to stand upright for all of thirty minutes. Building a Better Void is a jittering slob but a true testimonial to the San Pablo blocks of trauma-cracked sidewalks of Ishmael Reed’s Blues City: Oakland, brawling and husky."—Forest Juziak