MASTODON – Call Of The Mastodon

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"Butterfly and splatter edition"

"...There's no doubt that the stuff on Call of the Mastodon is more impressive than many bands' early (or even later) catalogues, but metal-to-the-pedal isn't the crew's strong point. Throughout their career, the boys have continually progressed, so while looking backward at this point may be of historical interest, who wants to rock out to the second rate? Those who don't consider themselves Mastodon diehards might as well wait for the next leap forward on the timeline. Judging from the trek thus far, I imagine it's gonna be seismic."

- Brandon Stosuy, Pitchfork

Shadows That Move 3:36
Welcoming War 2:47
Thank You For This 1:39
We Built This Come Death 2:06
Hail To Fire 2:00
Battle At Sea 4:14
Deep Sea Creature 4:40
Slickleg 3:31
Call Of The Mastodon 3:39