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REISSUED!!! Originally released in 2018 by Tear Jerk in Australia, features members of PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART. "More than anything else, Oh Boy is a celebration of teenage fandom and friendship. Each song is 'about' something else, of course: a betrayal, a breakup, new love, parenthood. The usual stuff. And we’re hardly teenagers. Yet somehow MASSAGE feels like the kind of band you were in back in high school. We were friends first. We all had other lives. We started playing music almost by accident. We made a playlist of songs we loved—hundreds of them—long before we recorded anything: the Feelies, the Go-Betweens, East River Pipe, the Lemonheads, the Breeders, Flying Nun, Sarah Records. ALEX and ANDREW started writing songs the way kids do—to sound like their heroes. No matter how we tried, though, the songs—half Alex's, half Andrew's—came out sounding like 'Massage': scrappy, catchy, minimalist, and sincere, with GABI's harmonies elevating each track. Every Monday after practice, we went to Jay’s Bar for beers and poutine. There was no point to any of this. We were just having fun. Then one day we realized we were a band. Oh Boy is our attempt to capture this easy alchemy on tape—the strange magic of a bunch of amateurs coming together, finding their own wavelength, and making something out of nothing." Pressed on two-color (black and milky clear) vinyl.