MALIGNANAT ALTAR - Realms Of Exquisite Morbidity LP

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Note price increase. With only two demos under their belt since inception in 2018, it may seem Malignant Altar have been somewhat quiet by modern standards. This entity has not been slumbering or resting on their laurels, rather crafting the most fetidly obscene album imaginable. With ’80s horror influences, the band introduces a barrage of offal that festers in the phantasmal form of rotten riffing and drudging drums, layering themselves a thick and tarry swamp of instrumental decay. Vocally, the snarly puke that fits the malignantly mesmerizing riff-scape gloriously ensures only the most befitting disgust emanates into one’s speakers from the altar of putridity. Now, some of these metaphors might lead one to think Dark Descent is referring to a regressive band of simple playing ability and limited talent. This would be unforgivably far from the truth, as the restless drumming and technically-edged riffs invoke the likes of Demilich amongst the flow of revolting hooks. 


Thundering along, through five more typical tracks and a suitably spectral interluding instrumental, the momentum of this record is unforgiving and yet they do not forgo dynamics either. Two years incubation in the crypts of sentient slime and what lurches forth from the slumbering spew is nothing short of magnificent. These Texans have flavor in their death, and know when to add flare or just ride out some obliterating groove ’til the neck is granulated from headbanging.