MAC DRE – The Genie Of The Lamp

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"...Dre proves he is an able producer behind the boards himself, with the heavily twonked out sound of “Early Retirement” (in which Dre declares himself “doper than a Bobby Brown piss test”) and the old school throwback drum’n’bass style of “Hear Me Now.” The rest of the album is a mix of all different kind of beat miners, but let’s give a little extra dap to T.D. Camp for the infectious groove on “She Neva Seen” and the 70’s pimptastic funk Traxx put into “Non Discriminant.” Basically doe you can’t go wrong on any of these songs from the start to the Rob-Lo produced “Bonus Track” at the end. If you’re still doubting Mac Dre though, it simply because you haven’t heard him yet. Get down with ‘Ronald Dregan’ and check out his policy of trickle down pimpanomics, because it’s some of the best straight out of the West."

- Steve 'flash' Juon,

Genie Of The Lamp 3:04
She Neva Seen 4:01
Early Retiremant 3:28
Out There 3:26
My Alphabets 3:14
Err Thang 3:54
Non Discriminant 3:26
Hear Me Now? 2:15
I Feed My Bitch 4:43
Not My Job 3:43
Hotel, Motel 3:48
2 Times & Pass 1:28
Make You Mine 3:51
Crest Shit 2:58
Bonus Track 2:59