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"Blaze was worth the wait, but not quite up to par with "Trashed" for diversity (though Trashed is diverse in different ways, ie: metal) and not quite up to "Hoss" in terms of overall quality, those being their two classic albums. However, it does delve into some unfamiliar areas for the band, while still keeping their edge and trademark sound. It keeps the great lyrics and melodies you can expect from the band, as well as the high energy. It's a solid album worth a listen, and a must for fans since it may be their last."

- Greg,

Burn 3:15
E Dagger 2:09
Dancing The Collapse 2:15
I Must Be Hateful 3:29
Falling Apart 2:38
Max Says 3:21
Billy Club 2:48
Dividers 2:42
Never Stops 3:34
Dinner And A Movie 2:04
Lullaby 3:49
Billionaire 2:29
Tomorrow Is Heartbreak 3:00
Baggage 4:10
Falling Apart (Music Video) 2:43
May 16th (Live) 2:57
Mr. Coffee (Live) 2:30