KURO – Hardcore Damnation 1983 - 1986

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Kuro = 白 was a Japanese '80s punk / hardcore band from Yamaguchi. Active mainly in Kitakyushu.

A1 Jag Out
A2 Top Less Go
A3 X / 絶望
A4 Human Gas
A5 Body
A6 Who The Helpless
A7 Selfish Cow
A8 お前だ / OiMaeda
B1 No More No
B2 Hey! Hey! Hey!
B3 Midnight Baby
B4 A.N.P.R.
B5 Lightning Breaks
B6 Furniture Fire
B7 Dead Heat 10000V

Tracks 1-2 from Kuro flexi 7", Blue Jug Records, 1983
Tracks 3-9 from Who The Helpless 8", Blue Jug Records, 1984
Tracks 10-11 from Pinch And Ouch! Compilation LP, KPP Records, 1985
Tracks 12-15 from Fire 7", KPP Records, 1986