KOBRA - Confusione LP

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You may remember KOBRA from a 5-song tape released on Milan's excellent Occult Punk Gang label back in 2018. Not to be confused with the other Italian band from the early '80s or the current rapper who also goes by Kobra. A pit of snakes to step carefully through indeed. Confusione comes after a couple of line up changes and sounds way different than the first tape. They channel the spirit of early anarcho-punk and Italian hardcore while still injecting it with their own unique personality. The album tells the story of young broke punks in Milan, always looking for a grift in the system, angry but also full of self-doubt, torn between activism and nihilism. Confusione is 10 songs plus one interlude, 22+ minutes long. It features added saxophone by LUIGI MONTEANNI from ArteTetra records.