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"...But amid all those now-legendary albums of 1988, one ridiculously awesome effort stands out from the rest. That album is King Diamond’s third solo LP, “Them.”

A concept album was hardly unheard of in metal back then (the Danes’ previous record qualified as well). But where 1987’s Abigail unfolds a supernatural story of cursed lovers that spans two centuries, “Them” revolves around a young boy named King and the event of his grandmother’s return from a psychiatric hospital. Even those familiar with King Diamond’s previous work could never expect songs with titles like “Tea,” “Welcome Home” and “Mother’s Getting Weaker” to be so relentlessly and technically over the top, so chaotic and maddening, and yet so exciting and catchy. In short, “Them” is arguably King Diamond’s best work ever."

- Dutch Pearce, Decibel

Out From The Asylum 1:48
Welcome Home 4:35
The Invisible Guests 5:03
Tea 5:13
Mother's Getting Weaker 4:00
Bye, Bye, Missy 5:06
A Broken Spell 4:07
The Accusation Chair 4:20
"Them" 1:55
Twilight Symphony 4:08
Coming Home 1:11