KING DIAMOND – Conspiracy

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"...Make no mistake though, Conspiracy is another very good effort by King Diamond and yet another in their continuous streak of bangers year after year. It cannot be argued that King Diamond is a wonderful vocalist and storyteller, and while he still overdoes some of his stuff here, he sounds better-resolved than he does on “Them”. The melodies are tighter as well and not thrown in at random, something I’ve always complained about for some of their stuff. The atmosphere is heavy - perhaps too heavy - but also tastefully done, as evident in the album opener and closer; you cannot really fault LaRocque and Blakk’s team efforts, their soulful melodies brimming with excitement and emotion. Mikkey Dee also lends considerable heft and legitimacy to the sound, before bowing out of the band for good."

- mandeeparora,

At The Graves 8:56
Sleepless Nights 5:01
Lies 4:19
A Visit From The Dead 6:11
The Wedding Dream 6:00
"Amon" Belongs To "Them" 3:49
Something Weird 2:03
Victimized 5:19
Let It Be Done 1:11
Cremation 4:09