JOHNSTON, DANIEL – Welcome To My World: The Music Of Daniel Johnston

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"...Despite the inclusion of a couple of rare tracks ("Lennon Song" and "Laurie"), this release is obviously positioned to attract the Johnston neophyte, and in terms of that, it fulfills the goal quite well. There is something a bit perverse about compiling the best material of any musician with such a truly non-commercial sound, but upon listening to so many of his top-quality compositions gathered together, the wisdom of the project becomes apparent. Encompassing a great range lyrically and musically, from the joyful frivolity of "Casper the Friendly Ghost" to the self-aware pathos of "Story of an Artist," the collection sharply brings into focus the impressive skills of Johnston as musical entertainer and storyteller.

Still, it would be dishonest to deny that Johnston's voice is an acquired taste with its childlike timbre and prominent lisp, and his often ham-fisted pounding of the chord organ or vigorous strumming of acoustic guitar can be off-putting in its crudity. Although it is a wonderful attempt to feature his most accomplished work, this is still music that will only appeal to a small fraction of the populace. However, it may be that the film, and its overall sympathetic portrait of Johnston, will put a wider audience in a position where they will crave his naïve quirkiness. Welcome to My World will come as a very welcome find in such cases."

- Dave Gurney, Tiny Mixtapes


Peek A Boo 4:51
Casper The Friendly Ghost 2:58
Some Things Last A Long Time 4:53
Walking The Cow 3:34
I'm Nervous 1:30
Man Obsessed 1:19
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances 3:19
Never Before Never Again 1:51
The Sun Shines Down On Me 2:03
Chord Organ Blues 4:03
Living Life 3:26
Speeding Motorcycle 3:22
True Love Will Find You In The End 1:47
Never Relaxed 3:20
Sorry Entertainer 2:19
Ain't No Woman Gonna Make A George Jones Outta Me 2:43
Lennon Song 1:34
Devil Town 1:04
I Had A Dream 2:23
Laurie 2:32
Story Of An Artist 5:12
Funeral Home 0:54