JERRY'S KIDS ‎– Is This My World?

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"An adventure into hyperactive, full-tilt, bulldozing quickness and thundering power. This overwhelming supply of burning rapid-fire speed destroys the mold, exploding into maniac doses of invincible strength and energy. Bolting drums, high-velocity crooning, and hysterically blistering wild guitars (featuring ex-GANG GREEN axeman Chris Doherty). JERRY’S KIDS totally shred the eardrums to mincemeat. For the fast fanatic’s cravings; the essence of what other will try to duplicate."

- Pushead, MRR

I Don't Belong
Cracks In The Wall / Tear It Up
Crucify Me
Break The Mold
Raise The Curtain
Vietnam Syndrome
Build Me A Bomb
New World
No Time
Is This My World?