JACKSON, WANDA – There's A Party Goin' On

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"While this doesn't have most of Wanda's best rockabilly sides (check the compilation Rockin' With Wanda for those), it's a pretty solid and energetic set. About half of it is taken up with retreads of the "Let's Have a Party" theme and covers of early rock hits like "Tweedlee Dee" and "Kansas City" which are, admittedly, well done. "Fallin'" and especially, "Hard Headed Woman" are really fine cuts that rank among her best rock & roll performances. The real surprise of this album is the lightning-speed rockabilly riffing by Roy Clark; his playing on "Hard Headed Woman" is downright savage, almost enough to redeem all those horrible Hee-Haw programs."

- Richie Unterberger, allmusic.com

There's A Party Goin' On 2:02
Lonely Week-Ends 2:20
Kansas City 2:40
Bye Bye Baby 2:05
Fallin' 2:50
Hard Headed Woman 1:55
Tongue Tied 2:22
It Doesn't Matter Anymore 2:50
Tweedlee Dee 2:40
Sparkling Brown Eyes 2:35
Lost Week-End 2:15
Man We Had A Party 1:58