INCANTATION – Sect Of Vile Divinities

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"...Amidst the skull-stomping grooves and rib-cracking blasts, we see blistering lead guitar work add maniacal melodies to the rhythmically riveting musical brilliance. Incantation are a band that has such a unique approach to music, this is showcased wonderfully as we surge through a diverse mixture of textures and tempos, concocting some of the darkest, most evil sounding Death Metal across no less than a dozen songs. From fast-paced rippers to headbanger-friendly groove, catchy hooks and relentless blasts, there is no denying the huge arsenal of macabre sounds that are offered on this record. The doomy sections intermingle so beautifully with the cavernous atmospherics and then cascade into total carnage seamlessly.

While the feel of the music is undeniably old school, there is nothing overly derivative or repetitive / bland to be found here. There are some parts reminiscent of Bolt Thrower that work marvellously with Incantation’s doomy Death Metal, but never feel ripped off. This is a sonic hailstorm of malevolent, spectral and furiously aggressive material that is unhinged yet melodious. Thrashing through a medley of varied, expansive and restlessly changing styles, the impeccably massive artillery dropped shows just how wide the scope of these musicians abilities are. The odiously crafted atmospherics and brutal malice entwine you in the enticing spew of true Death Metal brilliance with no option for escape. Powerful stuff indeed.

As predicted, Incantation have offered another imposing mammoth of visceral, cavernous and expansive Death Metal delights. Pungent concoctions of hostility and phantasmal soundscapes are what we are gifted from this titanic band, with frenzied yet meditative vitriol. Naturally, this is a must listen for all Death Metal lovers."


Ritual Impurity (Seven Of The Sky Is One) 3:15
Propitiation 4:32
Entrails Of The Hag Queen 4:34
Guardians From The Primeval 2:21
Black Fathom's Fire 4:00
Ignis Fatuus 2:23
Chant Of Formless Dread 2:40
Shadow Blade Masters Of Tempest And Maelstrom 4:08
Scribes Of The Stygian 4:35
Unborn Ambrosia 6:04
Fury's Manifesto 2:26
Siege Hive 4:51