ICONS OF FILTH – Onward Christian Soldiers

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"While the ICONS aren’t as consistently dynamic as some of their peers, their debut album shows that, at their peak, they can thrash with the best of them. Incisive lyrics, mostly emphasizing the need for individual responsibility and autonomy, work particularly well on steamrollers like “Power for Power” and “Sod the Children,” and the cover art is equally impressive. Intelligent and politically astute, if a trifle inconsistent musically."

- Steve Spinali, MRR

Why So Limited?
Mentally Murdered
They've Taken Everything
Fucked Up State
Present & History
Dividing Line
Now We're Getting Warmer
Sod The Children
Show Us You Care
Death Is The Only Release
Fool Britannia (A Song For Europe)
One Second To Midnight
Onward Christian Soldiers
Self-Styled Superiority
Power For Power