HÜSKER DÜ ‎– New Day Rising

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"What more can be said about these guys—even traditional rock critics like them. That shouldn’t be held against them, though, because they have more brilliant ideas up their sleeves than 50 normal bands, and they can play rings around the competition. Here, they come up with yet another platter full of classics that combine innovative structures, every exciting species of guitar noise, loads of intensity, and diversity of mood. Ace all the way, and “The Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill” is amazing."

- Jeff Bale, MRR

New Day Rising
The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
I Apologize
If I Told You
Celebrated Summer
Perfect Example
Terms Of Psychic Warfare
59 Times The Pain
Books About UFOs
I Don't Know What You're Talking About
How To Skin A Cat
Whatcha Drinkin'
Plans I Make