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"...Overall, the album feels alive and impulsive while never overstepping a sense of calculated restraint. It inspires an album spanning atmospheric quality while piercing any attempt at a sustained mood or pigeonholing any of the songs to redundancy with a visceral attack of impression within each song that can't be pinned down. Each songs individual definition contributes to a whole and unified great punk/emo/rock/bluegrass/hardcore/altcountry/jazz whatever you classify it as album.

I think no one will have to worry about Hot Water Music's future or viability for a long time to come. This record is kicking my ass, and has not left my CD player for two days, and only to bring it to my car stereo. The only thing better is if the vinyl has bonus tracks (where in I will rate this an 11), at which point all you will see is a Yosemite Sam styled Dissipating smoke outline of where my body used to be. If you are HWM fan, there is no disappointment coming your way. But after all, when was there?"

- wyzo,

Remedy 2:38
Trusty Chords 2:50
I Was On A Mountain 3:40
One Step To Slip 3:21
It's All Related 3:25
The Sense 2:38
Not For Anyone 2:45
Sweet Disasters 2:42
Alright For Now 3:53
We'll Say Anything We Want 2:51
Wayfarer 2:57
The End 2:50