HILLY EYE – Jacob's Ladder 7"

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"Musical duos seem to be omnipresent these days, although some take the drastic step of increasing their number to create something even better (Nu Sensae being a recent prime example). However, there's no such change with Hilly Eye, as Amy Klein (ex-Titus Andronicus) and Catherine Tung seek to explore a hypnotic indie/post-punk musical landscape with no additional assistance.

This two-track single really does have the ability to worm its way into my head with Tung's drum beats being highly functional and insistent, whilst Klein's warm, fuzzed guitar loops create quite a distinct retro sound quality to the recording. Vocal duties are shared, and although I am unable to tell which voice belongs to which band member, there does appear to be a distinction between the two. One vocalist does have the ability to slightly grate away at my ears, despite it not being an unlistenable voice–it's one that with repeated listens, I do actually enjoy but cannot actually pinpoint what it is that I like about it. I have no hesitance in saying that I do like the other voice. It would be interesting to know which is which.

What I really do like about the release is the music within "Jacob's Ladder" and "Almanac"–I could listen to a full-length release of the basic, stripped down drum and guitar over and over, as it is soothing, enthralling and highly enjoyable. At times it is reminiscent of some of the tracks on Maria McKee's Life Is Sweet album which demonstrated less of a wild, country influence than her work in Lone Justice and was significantly nothing like her "big hit" "Show Me Heaven." Those elements within Hilly Eye's work well and help make this a good single."

- Rich Cocksedge, punknews.org

A Jacob's Ladder 3:32
B Almanac 4:48