HICKEY - Self Titled

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"There’s a reason you can’t buy the original version of this LP for under $1,000. No one wants to part with their copy. Originally released in 1995, only 500 copies were made. And in the Bay Area alone, there’s probably 500 people who consider HICKEY their favorite band of all time (me included). And some of the people I’ve met who adore this band the most don’t even have a copy of their own. Either because they vanished before they could buy one, or they have some heartbreaking story, like having it stolen during a house party in the late 90’s. Hickey was never famous. Never had a song that reached college radio. Never toured with a well known band. They existed for only 4 years, did 4 tours, 1 record and a handful of singles. But for a small contingent of people they touched, they ignited a fire in their brains like nothing before or since. The Naked Cult Of Hickey is real. People say this band changed their life. Although their obscurity isn't because they never reached a large enough audience. Most people that heard them either hated them or thought they were stupid. Chances are if you listen to this, you’ll be unimpressed and wonder what all the fuss is about. Or worse, think I’m just blowing smoke up your ass to sell records. But if your brain chemistry is aligned a certain way, you’ll understand why so many weird punks have that damn heart tattooed on our bodies."