HEAVY METAL – IV: Counter Electrode / Iron Mono

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 While I can think of nothing more HEAVY METAL than having an album they refer to as a double LP only ever released as a tape, this one means to much to me to see the HEAVY METALISM stand so we emptied the old piggy bank and got this 65 minute masterpiece pressed to wax. We even gave it the old gatefold treatment. Leave it to the band too sick for TOTAL PUNK to get us to put out our poshest release ever. Pulsating beats, psychedelic warble, club thumpers, whacked out space punk, hip hop all filtered through the HEAVY METAL sound and drenched in their sardonic humor. Songs about suicide, slowly being worked to death, mental illness, golf, and the correct way to eat an ice cone.  100% TOTAL PUNK

A1 Savagely Beaten By Funk
A2 It's Only Suicide
A3 Bergadler & A Microphone
A4 Baby You're So Vile
A5 Kick Out The Jams
A6 Black Helicopter
B1 Gasmask Factory II
B2 Crazy Town
B3 Sonnenschein Übermensch
B4 Frank Spencer
B5 MF Golf
B6 Inspirobot
C1 Overtime II
C2 Finster In Meinem Herzen
C3 Sick Note
C4 Electric Jeans
C5 Room 17
C6 Ted Bundy
D1 Sprinkle To Cone Ratio
D2 Straight Jacket
D3 Counter Electrode
D4 Dennis Nilson's Lonely Hearts Club Band
D5 The Oracle
D6 Killing Yourself To Own Your Parents & The Tories