GUIDED BY VOICES – Styles We Paid For

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"...Overall the mood of the record is contemplative, looking back and mulling things over. Not so much in a nostalgic way but in that way we’ve all had a little more time this year to think about things. Final tune ‘When Growing Was Simple’ gets particularly wistful and leaves us with some holiday wisdom, “don’t drink and drive, stay at home and eat.”

Styles We Paid For is the latest album thrown on top of a particularly tall and tottering pile. Some of the production here is surprisingly polished and the vibe is a touch more sombre overall but it still sounds like Guided By Voices. It might not be a classic but it maintains their consistently high standard and current hyper productive streak. Stocking stuffing good."

- Jared Dix,

Megaphone Riley 2:06
They Don't Play The Drums Anymore 2:07
Slaughterhouse 4:32
Endless Sea Food 2:58
Mr. Child 3:22
Stops 2:04
War Of The Devils 2:27
Electronic Windows To Nowhere 1:57
Never Abandon Ship 1:55
Roll Me To Heaven 2:16
In Calculus Stratagem 2:03
Crash At Lake Placebo 2:44
Liquid Kid 3:21
Time Without Looking 1:42
When Growing Was Simple 2:26