GUIDED BY VOICES – Self-Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia

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"This is the first Guided by Voices record that sounds like Guided by Voices. It took ’em four tries, but they did it. This psych-pop treat from 1989 walks and talks exactly like the band that I’ve been stuck on for twenty-three years now.

Hey, it takes time to find yourself. Sometimes in life you think you’ve found yourself, but nope, it’s only some jerk-off who happens to look like you and has worse taste in clothes. There’s still more work to do. More trial and error in your future. More tearing down and rebuilding. It helps if there’s no one around telling you that you’re hot stuff all of the time. We all get big ideas about ourselves. Some of those ideas could stand to be kicked into the dirt. Being humbled makes you a better person and obscurity is the most fertile soil there is for creating something new..."

- Jason,

The Future Is In Eggs 3:29
The Great Blake Street Canoe Race 2:54
Slopes Of Big Ugly 2:06
Paper Girl 2:16
Navigating Flood Regions 2:38
An Earful O' Wax 4:22
White Whale 2:39
Trampoline 2:12
Short On Posters 1:46
Chief Barrel Belly 3:16
Dying To Try This 1:17
The Qualifying Remainder 2:55
Liar's Tale 1:57
Radio Show (Trust The Wizard) 4:01