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Interview (Baltimore '81)
Familiar (Adelphi, MD '84)
Time To Escape (Adelphi, MD '84)
The Next Time (Phila. '85)
Fun And Games (Phila. '85)
These Boots (D.C. '84)
Hall Of Fame (Minn. '83)
Reflections (D.C. '84)
Notch To My Crotch (D.C. '84)
Plain To See (Stabb EP)
Written Word (Stabb EP)
Interview (U. Of MD. '81)
Hall Of Fame II (Adelphi, MD '84)
Understand (Phila. '85)
Teenager In A Box (Wheaton, MD. '84)
G.I. (D.C. '82)
Hour Of One (D.C. '82)
Dead Dog (N.Y.C. '83)
Any Final Comments (Baltimore '81)
Next Time (Stabb EP)
Blending In (Stabb EP)
Day Of Reckoning (Stabb EP)