GORILLAZ – Demon Days

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"...On the album-closing title track, the appearance of a choir genuinely works, accomplishing the amazing task of being the second time (after "Tender") that Albarn has gotten away with effectively employing that ultimate lazy rock add-on. In fact, if the Gorillaz concept achieves anything beyond keeping Hewlett employed and producing some snazzy videos and websites, it's proving that Albarn can successfully wield the sonic toys he's mostly kept partitioned apart from his flesh band. Though the results of his exuberant mixing and matching are uneven at times, Albarn's obsessions fit together just often enough to again make Gorillaz more than mere Adult Swim novelty."

- Rob Mitchum, Pitchfork

Intro 1:03
Last Living Souls 3:10
Kids With Guns 3:45
O Green World 4:31
Dirty Harry 3:43
Feel Good Inc. 3:41
El Mañana 3:50
Every Planet We Reach Is Dead 4:53
November Has Come 2:41
All Alone 3:30
White Light 2:08
Dare 4:04
Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head 3:16
Don't Get Lost In Heaven 2:00
Demon Days 4:28