GHOUL – Dungeon Bastards

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"...Musically, the record is a sonic pinball table created with a thrash metal theme. You will find nods to The Accüsed, Testament, Nuclear Assault, DRI – basically the who’s who of mid 80’s thrash and crossover. But it is captured with a light heart and crisp production. Not at all the kind of Carcass/Impaled/Exhumed meat slab we might expect, but not exactly the basement style of the old days, either, though that is closer to the sound....

The actual songs are consistently fast and catchy; perfect moshing music. “Dungeon Bastards” is a screaming chaotic rocket ride displaying the band’s best attributes – musicianship and musicality – along with the expected blistering riffing. “Word is Law” is almost straight up SOD worthy, with brashly spoken lyrics and a grooving mosh tempo. No cut stands out particularly, but none are wasted, either."

- Chris Sessions,

Ghetto Blasters 2:52
Bringer of War 3:08
Shred the Dead 2:59
Dungeon Bastards 2:53
Ghoulunatics 4:40
Blood and Guts 3:09
Word is Law 3:09
Death Campaign 2:41
Guitarmageddon 4:02
Abominox 5:22