GEL – Violent Closure 7"

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"...Gel’s sound is plenty hard, but it’s the frantic basement-show style of hard. Gel’s sound is raw, fast, reverb-drenched punk rock, and it draws a lot of its firepower from spiky early-’80s UK punk and from guttural Scandinavian D-beat. It’s angry music, but it’s fun as fuck, too.
Gel released a self-titled debut EP in 2019, and they followed it later that year with their HC For The Freaks promo tape. Today, they’ve come back blasting with the new EP Violent Closure. The new EP opens with a dialogue sample from The Sopranos, which is about as Jersey as it gets. After that, we get seven tracks of distorted snarl in 10 minutes."

- Stereogum

A2 Violent Closure
A3 Assumption
B1 Bitchmade
B2 Freak
B3 Turbulence 2.0
B4 P.O.V.