GEL – Only Constant

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"...Gel are joining a progressive cohort of hardcore that’s cropped up over the last few years alongside bands like Filth Is Eternal, Amygdala, End It, Regulate, SOUL GLO, Buggin, and, yes, Zulu, who all have immense connecting threads of challenging status quo in ways much of hardcore can’t and hasn’t until recently. Only Constant is innocuous enough for the genre and will simply be good music for most, but digging deeper into the values of the band, who they are, and what they want to achieve transforms it into a manifesto of sorts. The scene would do well to welcome them just as they welcome newcomers, kids, old heads, and, of course, freaks to their shows."

- D. Rodriguez,

Honed Blade 1:40
Fortified 1:30
Attainable 1:43
Out Of Mind 1:07
Dicey 1:24
Calling Card 1:57
The Way Out 0:53
Worn Down 1:27
Snake Skin 1:29
Composure 3:15