GATECREEPER – An Unexpected Reality

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"...In any context, An Unexpected Reality is a brilliant record by a brilliant band who are pumping adrenaline into the corpse of death metal. But dropping as it does when the excitement of music can feel far away and life can seem like a grey, fading photocopy against a backdrop of bad, depressing, worrying madness, the vitality and vivre here only amplify its thrusting power. "I can't wait to punish everyone for at least a full week about something I secretly worked on for the past year," tweeted singer Chase Mason as the album was announced. As with these 17 minutes, that's nowhere near long enough, pal.:

- Nick Ruskell, Kerrang!

Starved 1:04
Sick Of Being Sober 0:57
Rusted Gold 0:31
Imposter Syndrome 1:00
Amputation 0:59
Depraved Not Deprived 1:08
Superspreader 1:12
Emptiness 11:06