GALAXIE 500 – This Is Our Music

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"...It all tends to vibrate very easily with the soul. No, this band will never be known for its musical talent. This record pushed the trio to the best of their abilities, and I think it's almost a good thing they didn't make any more. It would ruin all the simple magic if they got too complex, or produced it too polished. There's something immediately intimate about this little band here. Close your eyes and let yourself go... and if you let yourself go, you might be different by the time you come across to the other side."

- Mrjohnsini,

Fourth Of July 5:36
Hearing Voices 3:38
Spook 4:35
Summertime 6:02
Way Up High 4:04
Listen, The Snow Is Falling 7:46
Sorry 4:18
Melt Away 4:35
King Of Spain, Part Two 5:10