G.B.H – City Baby's Revenge

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"While the highly abrasive, metallic sound of this album has its own rebellious charm, most of the songs veer toward undistinctiveness, a problem traceable to the lack of musical changes of pace, and vocals which eventually become tiresome. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the stormier numbers like “Diplomatic Immunity” and especially “Rally of Death,” as well as some of the more inventive guitar figures on the mid-tempo cuts. Definitely a mixed bag."

- Steve Spinalli, MRR

A1 Diplomatic Immunity
A2 Drugs Party In 526
A3 See The Man Run
A4 Vietnamese Blues
A5 Womb With A View
A6 The Forbidden Zone
A7 Valley Of Death
B1 City Baby's Revenge
B2 Pins And Needles
B3 Christianised Cannibals
B4 Faster Faster
B5 High Octane Fuel
B6 I Feel Alright
B7 Skanga (Herby Weed)