FUNKADELIC – Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic

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Released in 1976, Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic may have been delivered as a contractual obligation, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t stacked with some of the funkiest and least known gems of the band’s career. Underrated in the group’s catalog and perhaps overshadowed by their move to a major label, Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic contains infectious grooves and far-out sounds that continue to take advantage of advances in synthesizer technology and other studio tools, not to mention endless sample fodder. Kidd Funkadelic is ripe for rediscovery by fans of the group and is sure to please brand new listeners as well.

Butt-To-Buttresuscitation 3:53
Let's Take It To The People 1:50
Undisco Kidd 6:34
Take Your Dead Ass Home! (Say Som'n Nasty) 7:18
I'm Never Gonna Tell It 3:41
Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic (Opusdelite Years) 12:56
How Do Yeaw View You? 3:39