FUNKADELIC – Cosmic Slop

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After the massive double LP America Eats Its Young, Funkadelic returned in 1973 with Cosmic Slop. Compared to their previous albums, the sounds were far less experimental. While still the clear kings of psychedelic soul, Cosmic Slop sees the band mellowing to a certain degree and pushing some of their more traditional R&B roots to the forefront. It’s still a freaky trip that sounds positively invigorating today, and listeners can hear the nascent beginnings of what would coalesce later in the decade when the P-Funk would become a household name.

Nappy Dugout 4:31
You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure 2:54
March To The Witch's Castle 5:54
Let's Make It Last 4:10
Cosmic Slop 5:16
No Compute 3:01
This Broken Heart 3:39
Trash-A-Go-Go 2:23
Can't Stand The Strain 3:28