FULL OF HELL – Trumpeting Ecstasy

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"...That being said, the tack that Trumpeting Ecstasy takes is one that follows the course and structure of the band’s live show. Starting off with a blasting opening salvo, this record is continually working to pin the listener to any proximal solid surface with not only vicious grind, but with pauses, samples, tempo variation and songs being buffered up against one another in the mastering process with virtually no room to catch a contemplative breath."

- Kevin Stewart-Panko, metalinjection.net

Deluminate 1:13
Branches of Yew 0:50
Bound Sphinx 1:25
The Cosmic Vein 2:12
Digital Prison 0:41
Crawling Back to God 2:07
Fractured Quartz 0:41
Gnawed Flesh 2:52
Ashen Mesh 1:45
Trumpeting Ecstasy 3:15
At the Cauldron's Bottom 6:24