FLOWERTOWN – Half Yesterday

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"After the absolute brilliance of the heavily fuzz-laden, Time Trials album (released August 2021), San Francisco’s Mike Ramos and Karina Gill (aka Flowertown) are back with a Half Yesterday EP that generally takes them into more vibrant, maybe optimistic, aesthetic.
Such increased vibrancy is best heard in Buttercream and Beachwalkers, with their Elephant Six / Galaxie 500 jangle-gaze machinations and the chiming jangle-meets twangs riffs of the title track, that take the act into uncharted territories of ‘almost’ genuine jangly indie-pop. All three tracks, whilst still defiantly lo-fi and portakabin in production, now have just enough reverb removed to add an unusual (for them at least) clarity.
However, the glorious under-produced clutter returns in the very best of the release that is represented by The Evergiven, The Intersection and Gaper’s Delay. Here there is still enough of their definitive signature sound, that dwells on barely discernible, Mazzy Starr intropsection, as Ramos and Gill share vocals duties and harmonies that glide around each other like shy would-be lovers with desperately awkward crushes.
Crushingly plaintive, always obtusely beautiful, Flowertown are undoubtedly the flagship act of a Paisley Shirt Records label that seem to unearth the best of ‘uneasy, alternative jangle-pop acts with consummate ease !"

- https://janglepophub.home.blog/

A1 Buttercream
A2 The Evergiven
A3 The Intersection
A4 Half Yesterday
B1 Infinity Over Two
B2 Beachwalkers
B3 Human Ties
B4 Gapers Delay