FLOWER – Hardly A Dream

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“Hardly A Dream” Takes us on a bleak journey through the dark side of society. As soon as you drop the needle a dark atmosphere is immediately created with a slow intro featuring arpeggio guitar work that builds into pummeling d-beat crust. The albums vocals then leave you with a feeling of being crushed by the ever-present weight of living through our modern world of late stage capitalism that was built on the falsehoods of the so called American dream, religious hypocrisy’s, nationalism, and the greed of humankind. 

Hardly A Dream Side
Lethargy 4:22
Victims Of Progress 2:40
Retribution 2:27
Pillar Of Salt 2:19
Parasite 2:35
American Alms 4:05
Profane Existence Side
Divided 1:57
Rapture 2:53
The Contrarian 3:06
Filth Of Their Confines 3:19
Left Hand Of Darkness 2:56
Breaking The Spell 2:43