FEARING - Destroyer

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California post-punk outfit Fearing follow their 2020 debut album Shadow with Destroyer, which sees the core trio continuing to foster their sound by migrating towards sonic realms that capture the somber, the austere, the vigorous, and the vibrant. It is a striking singular vision of abyssal maritime desolation, expressed by carving sonic territory that seamlessly blends French coldwave, European post-punk, and first wave shoegaze. Ever since their debut EP A Life Of None (2017), followed by their widely celebrated Black Sand EP (2018), Fearing have been procuring a constant flow of commendable releases. Through vigorous touring and live endeavors that include the likes of Gatecreeper, She Wants Revenge, Soft Kill, 200 Stab Wounds, Choir Boy, Narrow Head, Death Bells, along with notable festivals as Substance, Home Sick, and Out From The Shadows, they have fastened themselves as one of the apex artists in today’s post-punk current.