FALSE FIGURE - Castigations

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We started fleshing out what came to be False Figure in 2015, Ian and I had met through work and started jamming shortly after. We started doing something melodic yet driving, guitars howling through noisy delay and reverb but still driving with tangible melodies. This band drew a little bit of influence from classic California deathrock like Christian Death and TSOL "Change Today?" era with guitars even pulling influence from black metal. We wanted melodies that would stick in your head with beats that would move you. At the time we were very influenced by contemporaries in the bay and new york like Crimson Scarlet and Anasazi. In the past few years we've shifted towards a more pointed, airy and rhythm-driven song structure where each element has its space to breathe. This style is something that was touched on in our latest EP "a promised end" but really got to shine in our latest LP. We aim to keep things flowing and concise. "ALL KILLER NO FILLER" as they say. The themes of this release aren't a far departure from the previous releases. There's still an overarching presence of melancholy attached to these songs but not one that bogs the listener down. We aimed to present the music in a manic yet purposeful arrangement, mirroring our own lives and experiences, a controlled chaos. As a three piece attempting a big sound you have to be mindful of what you aren't playing (overplaying) as much as what you desire to play. The lyrics of this release come from our experiences at the time of writing, from failed relationships, to losing loved ones, to feeling the figurative noose tightening around one's neck as we struggle to negotiate to live in the capitalist hellscape that has become the San Francisco bay area where the margins are bursting at the seams.