ENTOMBED – Wolverine Blues

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"Wolverine Blues was a dramatic change in sound for the Swedish band that had been one of the formentors of the Swedish Death Metal sound. Some loved it. Some hated it.

Entombed were already held in high esteem for their albums Left Hand Path and Clandestine. They were on top of the death metal world already, known for their buzzing guitars and ferocious, yet complicated, songs. They could’ve done the same thing over and over again, which man metal fans seem to prefer, instead of take a risk with their sound.

That risk paid off and not only did Entombed find success, despite a roasting by Bevis and Butthead, but would develop the death ’n’ roll sound into the next decade.

No matter what one’s preference is, there is no taking away from Entombed’s mark on metal, whether it be their contributions to Swedish Death Metal or death ’n’ roll.

Wolverine Blues marks the return of Lars-Göran Petrov, who fronted the band on Left Hand Path but was absent on Clandestine. What Petrov lacks in diversity of delivery, he makes up with ferociousness..."

- Joseph R. Price, medium.com

A/1 Eyemaster
A/2 Rotten Soil
A/3 Wolverine Blues
A/4 Demon
A/5 Contempt
B/1 Full Of Hell
B/2 Blood Song
B/3 Hollowman
B/4 Heavens Die
B/5 Out Of Hand