ENTOMBED – Left Hand Path

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"...Left Hand Path is the debut album by Swedish death metal band Entombed, released in 1990. It is widely considered to be one of the definitive albums of the death metal genre, and not surprisingly has influenced countless bands in the decades since its release.

From the opening self-titled track, the album sets a dark and ominous tone. There are plenty of chugging guitar riffs and guttural vocals that create a sick atmosphere. The production is raw and unpolished, adding to the overall atmosphere of brutality and aggression. Just one of the killer tracks on the album is “Drowned,” which features a memorable guitar riff and thunderous rhythm section. The song builds to an intense climax, with the vocals becoming increasingly wild as the music reaches its crescendo...

Overall, Left Hand Path is a classic death metal album that still stands as one of the best examples of the genre. It’s an album that rewards repeated listens, with new details and nuances revealed with each spin. If you’re a fan of extreme metal or just want to explore the roots of the death metal genre, Left Hand Path is an essential album not to be missed."

- EvilG, metal-rules.com

Left Hand Path 6:38
Drowned 4:01
Revel In Flesh 3:43
When Life Has Ceased 4:11
Supposed To Rot 2:03
But Life Goes On 2:59
Bitter Loss 4:22
Morbid Devourment 5:25
Abnormally Deceased 2:58
The Truth Beyond 3:25
Carnal Leftovers 2:58
Premature Autopsy 4:25