ELECTRIC CHAIR - Act of Aggression

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There was a time when the fear of nuclear destruction was so thick you could feel it in the your lungs and walked the streets. Like at any moment some ICBM would rain fire on your town and the troops would be thrust into action. Only they wouldn’t be defending the town they would use the melee as an excuse to rid their little podunk heaven of the “punker plague”. Those freaky weirdos with pins in their ear and stains on their gear. The ones that spray paint “Ronald Reagan SUCKS a big one” on the hoods of cars. The ones that don’t fit and don’t wanna… Friends and enemies, introducing ELECTRIC CHAIR! 1,100 copies on black 150gram vinyl housed in a full color 24pt jacket with lyric insert included. Recorded by Detto. Mastered by Geza X. Art by Collin Buhr and Jesse Michaels.