ELDER – Spires Burn / Release

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"...And those two songs – clocking in at 10 and 12 minutes respectively – are two of the best I’ve heard all year. Spires Burn is a faster-paced, very headbangable riff machine driven by a powerhouse bass line. Release, meanwhile, is a much more melodic atmospheric piece that builds into one of the most epic outros I’ve ever heard. (And yes, the term “epic” is wildly overused to describe metal, but the last three minutes of Release are absolutely worthy of the description.)

Release, in particular, showcases what makes Elder so unique: their ear for melody. They manage to write extremely catchy riffs and licks while being neither poppy nor cheesy. And while it’s easy to trace their influences (obvious nods to Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, and Sleep, and I detect tinges of Colour Haze and Alice in Chains as well), they’re far from ripping anyone off. They’re doomy, but it’s a less evil, more uplifting take on doom, done in a way that does not compromise the intensity of the genre."

- Scourge441, metal-archives.net

Spires Burn