EAT, THE – It's Not The Eat, It's The Humidity

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A1 Communist Radio
A2 Catholic Love
A3 Jimmie B. Goode
A4 Dr. TV
A5 Silly Drug Songs
A6 Nut Cop
A7 Kneecappin'
A8 Party Line
A9 Living Like A Pig
B1 Mary Mary
B2 Hey Jackass
B3 Sub-Human
B4 Nixon's Binoculars
B5 I Led Two Lives
B6 Ballbusters On Parade
B7 Open Man
C1 She's Pissed Off
C2 Get Me High
C3 Young Guy
C4 One Call To Cuba
C5 Shoes Shoes Shoes
C6 Mr. Brown
C7 Manatee Smacker
D1 Dream Of Yogi
D2 Money For The Police
D3 Octopus
D4 Psychotic McHale's Navy
D5 Search My Car
D6 M80 Ant Death
D7 Hialeah