EARTHLESS – Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons

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"Mike Eginton, Mario Rubalcaba, and Isaiah Mitchell. Three flawless musicians on their own, but together tap into this otherworldly energy and fuse it into this outstanding music I never want to turn off. Earthless has spilled through my speakers for years with Sonic Prayer being a random vinyl purchase a while back because it looked cool but little did I know I would be hooked for life. Needless to say, January 28th was highlighted on my calendar since the day the news broke for the release of Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons.

I pressed play with overwhelming excitement and a bit of nervousness. It can be difficult to listen to a new album from a beloved band because you always have an expectation of how you want the album to go, even if you go in with an open mind. It can be disheartening when you don’t connect with the newer music from bands you’ve listened to for years and we’ve all been there. I won’t point any fingers at anyone, Pearl Jam.

Ahhh, who am I kidding, Earthless can do no wrong. I’m two seconds into the opening track and it has already captured my attention. Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons, Pt. 1 starts with a volume swell of crashing cymbals and the greatest guitar tone. The slightly broken-up clean tone from the perfectly pushed amp combined with a reverb and delay create my personal favorite sounds. The seemingly random lead guitar puts you into a trance and it’s absolutely beautiful to listen to. The cavernous guitar accompanied by more cymbals and spacey droning soundscapes continues for six minutes. I personally love the use of Wah, where Isaiah plays a faster lead but slowly sweeps the Wah. The opposite of Tim Sult of Clutch’s record-breaking foot speed, which also sounds cool, just different."

- Josh Schneider, The Sleeping Shamen webzine

Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons (Part 1) 19:04
Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons (Part 2) 22:08
Death To The Red Sun 20:27